Best Options for Car Buying with Bad Credit

At Happy Valley Car Credit, we want to help drivers in State College, PA and all over the nearby Bellafonte, Tyrone, PA; Altoona, PA; and Lewistown, PA areas own the vehicles of their dreams. We don't want you to have to settle for something you don't love or that's not right for you just because it's the only vehicle you can afford with your bad credit. We know that bad credit happens and it can be attributed to many different factors throughout your lifetime, and we don't think that should prevent you from getting another chance. If you're currently looking to upgrade into a nicer or newer vehicle but you're worried about your credit score, we invite you to check out these bad credit car buying options and come see our financing experts today!

If you've checked your credit score to find that you have poor credit, don't get upset, you still have options! Although your interest rates might be higher, the best way to improve your credit score is to start building your credit again. We suggest that you plan ahead for when you want to buy a new car, this way, you'll be able to either put down a large down payment to lower the monthly payments, or you'll already have money put aside for making monthly payments on time. You may also consider having a cosigner, giving the lender more security knowing that the responsibility for payments is shared.

If you want help finding the right financing option on your next vehicle, we welcome you to join us in our finance center to learn about all of your various loan options today! With many vehicles to choose from at our State College Motors dealerships in State College, PA, we're sure that we can help anyone find the right vehicle today!

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